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The travels of narrow boat Racundra


Which way next?

Which way next?

UKWRS Interactive Canal Map Click the button to view an interactive map of the entire UK canal network.

We’re often asked if we have the route all planned out. Well we don’t! It seems to me that one of the big advantages of living on a narrow boat is that we don’t have to plan anything. In theory we can wake up each morning and just decide where to go. In the evening we just stop where we are and settle down for the night. Of course in reality we do have to make decisions as we go along. At 3mph it takes a long time to get anywhere, so once we have decided to head off in some direction it is going to take days (or weeks) to reach our destination.

So no grand plan but a series of decisions as we go. So far we have done the Llangollen Canal, the Anderton Boat Lift, the Bridgewater Canal, the Leeds Liverpool Canal (with Rufford and Leigh branches), the Huddersfield (broad & narrow), the Ashton, the Rochdale, the Calder & Hebble and the Aire & Calder, the Ouse up to York and the Trent onto the Chesterfield.

We may not know where we are going but we will know where we have been. With the aid of “modern” technology we plan to keep a record of our travels on a GPS (which incidentally will act as a speedometer too!) and periodically download the track information so that it can be displayed on the map below:

Two different mappings – same route.

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