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The travels of narrow boat Racundra

Getting Ready

Other costs

Posted by on 1-26-14

Fixing her up

Posted by on 1-26-14

Buying the boat

Posted by on 1-25-14

Finding the right boat

Posted by on 1-24-14

Why buy a narrow boat?

Posted by on 1-22-14

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Home again, home again

Posted by on 11-6-14

Trent & Mersey Part 4

Posted by on 10-28-14

Caldon Canal

Posted by on 10-23-14

Trent & Mersey Part 3

Posted by on 10-21-14

Birmingham to Coventry Canal

Posted by on 10-18-14

Birmingham Kingswood mini-Ring

Posted by on 10-16-14

Stratford upon Avon Canal

Posted by on 9-30-14

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Birmingham Kingswood mini-Ring

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Saturday 11th October (0L 1504.38M 58F) Birmingham, National Indoor Arena Ian & Penny had a little request. They are heading for Birmingham NEC Camper Van and Caravan Show on Tuesday and wanted to spend a couple of nights with us after the holiday. We were pleased to help. They also proposed that we could do a mini-ring from the boatyard into Birmingham city centre, down Farmers flight, then the Digbeth cut onto the Grand Union and south to Kingswood...

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Stratford upon Avon Canal

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Saturday 27th September (14L 1468.99M) Below Wilmcote There are two features which may be unique to the Stratford Canal – I don’t think we have come across them before. Firstly, the small bridges that accompany the locks and occasionally ones carrying tracks across the canal are built in two parts with a gap through the middle. This has puzzled me greatly as it discards the engineering strength that arises from an arched structure. They must be cantilevered with a big...

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Grand Union: Main Line

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Wednesday 24th September (20L 1450.12M) Warwick We had tentatively agreed to meet up today on the Stockton flight with our Oxford prospects, but in the event we decided to delay until after we had seen our other party (preserving anonymity is all a bit awkward!) . We got up and got going early and were at the top of the flight by 10am. Our increased boat speed on the Grand Union seems to be making a difference. By the time...

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Oxford Canal: Part 1

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Tuesday 16th September (9L 1689.6H 1400.91M) Dashwoods Lock, Lower Heyford Our plan now is to get on to the Oxford Canal and head north in time to arrive at Cropredy on Friday. Along the way we will pass, at Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire Narrowboats which is a boatyard / hire base and see if they have anyone who can look at our propulsion problem. The first leg of our journey leads us off the Thames on to a short connecting...

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River Thames: Part 2

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Friday 12th September (7L 1670.6H 1346.72M) Days Lock, Dorchester A short stretch remains of no-mans land as we leave the K&A behind and rejoin the Thames. Back to Tescos again for a top-up and then into top gear to progress up the river. I do have an affection for the Thames which I am sure is shared by many Englishmen (particularly southerners). It is our river, it flows through our capital, it has a power and a mystery –...

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