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The travels of narrow boat Racundra

Leaving home

Leaving home

Since telling our friends about the narrow boat thing, the most common response has been: “How can you bear to leave this place and go away for six months?”. Well, we have only been moved into our new house for just over a year, and we do live in one of the most stunningly beautiful places in Britain (if not the world), so you can see where they are coming from.

One only has one life to live, and as I get older I feel that it is more and more important to live it to the full. At the time of writing we have been retired for 17 years, we are comfortably off and so we should have the time and the means to follow any interest that we should have. It is never too late to learn something new and keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit is essential to our future well-being.

Building our own house took a heavy toll on us – especially me. We made our first contact with an architect on 16 April 2008, applied for planning permission on 15 October the same year, and finally moved in on 12 November 2012. During that four and a half years our lives were dominated by the project day in, day out. We’ve been moved in since then and have enjoyed being in the house. Now we need a break, and a chance to get on with our lives. The house isn’t going anywhere and we’ll be back.

As for the area where we live, it is magnificent and wherever we travel around the world we take Torridon with us. Nowhere we have been compares, and to date we have found nowhere we would rather live. So aren’t we lucky to have such a wonderful place to come home to?

People might ask how we can leave, but I can’t understand why we would want to stop exploring and looking for new projects and adventures. And anyway, we have to get on and spend the kids’ inheritance!


  1. And the answer is???

    Looking good 😉

    • I’ll get along to that soon. Glad you like the site.

  2. Only six months?

    Nice photo btw!

    • Yes, thanks for the photo. There’s more where that came from at:

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