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The travels of narrow boat Racundra

Home again, home again

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Daily blog | 3 comments

Tuesday 28th October (3L) Kings Lock, Middlewich We have arranged to meet Mark, our purchaser, again today and the plan was to motor up to Middlewich and moor somewhere near Bridge 166 so that he could join us. It was only a couple of miles so we were moored up outside Booth Lane Convenience Store rather earlier than arranged. Glyn texted Mark to let him know. We had a little time to have a clean round and tidy up but we with the end of our trip getting ever nearer we have generally been keeping everything up together. Mark arrived after lunch and seemed as pleased as before with his proposed acquisition. We spent several hours just going over all the details and supplying information. Glyn had a list of things to make sure we told him and he...

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Trent & Mersey Part 4

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Friday 24th October (1L 1639.96M 60F) Kent Green It was still wet in the morning, but we weren’t planning a long trip today so we held on where we were for a while. We are meeting up with Julie & George tomorrow. My original plan had been to meet them at Kidsgrove and go up the Macclesfield canal for a day before winding and returning to their car. That would have made parking and retrieving the car easy. On further reflection we realised that there would be no locks to do and it is the locks that keep our visitors busy. So we have changed our plan and now intend to travel on from Kidsgrove along the T&M and knock off some of the locks that we have to do on our way to Middlewich. Before we set off a...

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Caldon Canal

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Daily blog | 0 comments

Monday 20th October (13L 1611.69M +6H40M) Milton We are planning to make a small diversion from the Trent & Mersey and go to investigate the Caldon Canal. We must be at Venetian Marina a week on Wednesday, but that leaves us a few days to do a bit of exploring.   We left Stone behind as we made our way to the second flight of four locks. There is good mooring between the flights and a tasteful new housing development is a credit to the town. The locks certainly get on with job, each one a large step upwards. North of Stone is the village of Barlaston where we had been recommended to moor and we met a boat coming from there. He said the mooring had been windy overnight. We hadn’t noticed the wind in Stone. We passed one house along...

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Trent & Mersey Part 3

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Daily blog | 3 comments

Friday 17th October (4L 1587.93M) Shugborough Hall More sun and the temperature’s rising. Beautiful scenes of autumnal glory. We reached Fradley Junction mid-morning and returned to a canal that we last travelled on back in April. So Trent & Mersey Part 3 and a poignant reminder that time is running out and we are nearing our journey’s end. From Fradley Junction to its end at Preston Brook is 67 miles and milestones will steadily countdown our progress. We won’t have travelled the full length as turning right at the junction leads to Shardlow 25 miles away and hence to Trent Lock where we were with Maureen at the end of July. Having turned left we found ourselves in the middle of a flight of 6 ascending locks. It is always appropriate to take care when filling locks with a boat in....

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Birmingham to Coventry Canal

Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in Daily blog | 2 comments

Tuesday 14th October (0L 1540.58M) Birmingham, National Indoor Arena After seeing Ian and Penny off to their Camper Van show, getting the washing up-to-date, and  hosing the cabin top, we cast off, waved goodbye to our hosts at Lyons and repeated our trip up to Birmingham city centre. This time we moored at the top of the Farmer’s Bridge flight ready to descend in the morning. Couldn’t resist taking a few more pictures along the way!       Before setting off Glyn decided to light up our solid fuel stove. It needed burning off when we could have all the windows open so that we didn’t get overcome by fumes. So for the first time I was driving with our chimney up. It doesn’t add a lot of height but it did make me nervous passing under every bridge along the...

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